• Easily handle changing Context of Data
  • Simplified Data Verification
  • Control Data representation effectively
  • Single solution for multiple challenges
  • Faster results with no technical help



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Extracting data from unstructured documents, and doing this quickly before the data loses its value and impact is the primary challenge addressed by xTract. With a focus on Convenience, Cost and Compatibility, xTract allows business users to incorporate data extraction into their processes in the shortest time possible.

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Why Customers Choose UQ?

Adopt Faster

Our product is built for business users without any technical dependency.

Extract Quicker

Intelligent workflows and smart learning systems drastically reduce the time to get data.

Integrate Sooner

The simplified ‘Document In, Data Out’ architecture makes it easy to integrate with existing business processes.

Why Uniqreate

Business Scenarios Addressed

Customers across sectors such as Capital Markets, Insurance, Research and Consulting have effectively used the xTract Advantage to address various challenges covering Shareholding Disclosures, Infrastructure Projects, Fixed Income/Bonds, Derivatives, People Data, Financial Statements, Mutual Funds and more.

Business Scenarios

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With data collection ‘the sooner the better’ is always the best answer.

Marissa Mayer

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